Detroit Environmental Agenda


Advocacy, Policy

DWEJ convened the 20 local nonprofit organizations committed to environmental justice that compose the membership of the Detroit Environmental Agenda. In 2012, the DEA issued a report on the environmental state of the city with recommended actions, followed by a voter’s guide in subsequent election cycles to inform residents of candidates’ environmental positions.

The DEA includes five core principles:

  1. Ensure environmental justice: protect and involve vulnerable populations in decisions that impact their lives
  2. Protect and restore Earth’s resources: land, water and air
  3.  Engage affected residents to understand community needs and potential impacts
  4. Leverage the connections between environmental solutions and health, safety, jobs, and education
  5. Build on successful models in Detroit and from elsewhere

The Detroit Environmental Agenda is a first of its kind, grassroots led effort, that remains active and influential today. The ideas and actions created were instrumental in building the momentum to get the City of Detroit to endorse and create the Office of Sustainability. The Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda (link to Accomplishments page) was also made possible in part by the publication of the DEA. 

Read more about the Detroit Environmental Agenda here.  (link to Accomplishments page)