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“Detroit Will Reduce Required Lead Inspections for Rentals After Council Approves Change”, Detroit Free Press, 10/26/2021

“How Segregation and Neglect Left Benton Harbor, Michigan with Toxic Water”, PBS, 10/21/2021

“Is Housing an Environmental Justice Issue? In Detroit, Yes.”, Planet Detroit, 10/6/2021

“City Council Protects Future of the Detroit Riverfront”, Bridge Detroit, 10/6/2021

“Sanders, Tlaib, Dingell Push for Infrastructure Improvements, Environmental Justice in Metro Detroit”, Detroit News, 8/28/2021

“I’ve Been Fighting Lead Exposure in Detroit Since the Mid-90’s. The Fight is Not Over.”, Planet Detroit, 8/26/2021

 “Letter from the Editor: Our New Documetary Might Make You Uncomfortable, and That’s the Point”, MLive, 7/29/2021

 “Not Just an Inconvenience – Study Shows Flooding is a Public Health Crisis in Detroit”, Detour Detroit, 6/15/2021

“The Dream and Reality of Environmental Justice on Display in Michigan”, Planet Detroit, 5/27/2021

“Seven Years Since the Start of the Flint Water Crisis: It’s a Journey”, Michigan Radio, 4/25/2021

“Michigan Regulators Will Consider Climate Change in Line 5 Decision”, Bridge Michigan, 4/21/2021

“Political Disenfranchisement is Fueling Environmental Injustice”, The Hill, 4/9/2021

“School Siting Report, Marathon Consent Order Address Concerns About Pollution in Schools”, Planet Detroit, 3/18/2021

“Examining and Assessing COVID-19 Racial Disparities in Detroit”, Brookings Institute, 3/2/2021

“Meet the Community the Stopped an Environmental Power Grab by the Trump Administration”, Earthjustice, 2/8/2021

“Seven Years Later, Former Governor Snyder and Other Officials Face Charges in Flint Water Crisis”, Michigan Radio, 1/14/2021

“How Air Pollution and Asthma Affect Kids in Detroit”, Detour Detroit, 6/18/2020

“Detroit’s Poor Air Quality Could be Worsening the City’s COVID-19 Outbreak”, Fox 2 Detroit, 4/14/2020

“How Racism and Poverty Made Detroit a New Coronavirus Hot Spot”, Vox, 4/10/2020



“The Flood of 1921 Devastated San Antonio’s West Side – It Also Sparked a Latino Environmental Justice Movement”, Texas Public Radio, 9/3/2021

“Climate Change is the Most Critical Ennvironmental Justice Issue Facing the World Today”, National Catholic Reporter, 8/20/2021

“Floridians and Climate Change: Environmental Justice…Turns People Off. They Don’t Want to Face the Facts.”, WUSF Public Media, 7/28/2021

 “Can Biden’s Justice40 Plan Deliver a Fairer Environment for People of Color?”, The Guardian, 6/2/2021

“FEMA Climate Grants Pose Challenges for Poor Communities”, E&E News, 6/1/2021

“A Conversation With White House Adviser and Environmental Justice Advocate Catherine Coleman Flowers”, Yale Climate Connections, 5/10/2021

“Treated Like Sacrifices: Families Breathe Toxic Fumes from California’s Warehouse Hub”, NBC News, 4/27/2021

“Bill C-230 Marks an Important First Step in Addressing Environmental Racism in Canada”, The Conversation, 4/27/2021

“Earth Day 2021: CERCLA and RCRA in the Biden Administration: Elevating Climate Change and Environmental Justice in Addressing Hazardous Wastes”, Mondaq, 4/27/2021

“County Will Provide Testing for Neighbors of Florida’s Lead Smelter”, Frontline, 4/22/2021

“Environmental Justice Award Winner: We Have a Right to Live in a Territory That For Us is Sacred”, National Catholic Reporter, 4/12/2021

“Plastic Pollution Disproportionately Hitting Marginalized Groups, UN Environment Report Finds”, UN News, 3/30/2021


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